You make money

On average, a car is used 1 hour of the day, so why not rent it out the other 23 and make some extra cash? Determine the rental rate yourself. Lend more to make more: some peer-to-peer lenders cover their entire monthly car payments.

Full Insurance Coverage

Accidents happen. Should one occur, your car and any damages will be fully covered by a third-party insurance company, and you won’t pay a penny out of pocket. We guarantee that your private insurance will never be affected, and no points will ever go on your license.

You are in control

You decide when your car is available to hire and the rental rate per hour, day or week. So why not rent it out while you’re at work or away on holiday? You will receive all the information you need about renters, their history, verifications and reviews. Accept or turn down any offer you like.

International platform

From the day we launch, Rentecarlo will be international. You will be able to rent a car for your holidays abroad or lend out your car to visiting tourists, all on one simple platform.

Ford Transit 2008

Audi A3 2002

Audi S5 2010

Skoda Octavia 2001







Cars registered on Rentecarlo